Lisa Purk

When Lisa joined the Paramount Pursuits team, she brought over 10 years of experience and talent related to business coaching. She is the founder and owner of Inner Fire Coaching LLC, where she worked with businesses and individuals as a Life and Communications Coach.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Lisa’s personal and business experiences all contribute to her expertise as a Business Mentor and Program Director for Paramount Pursuits. Passionate about helping others succeed, her goal is to help every entrepreneur move their business from an idea and dream to a reality.

Lisa’s education includes a B.S. degree in Business Administration and an M.A. degree in speech language pathology. She worked as a speech language pathologist early in her professional career, often guiding those with disabilities. She understands the communications challenges that many people face.

Her training in the Everything DiSC series of behavior style profiles and the Core Communication Curriculum allows Lisa to provide important communications strategies to entrepreneurs through her seminars at Paramount Pursuits.

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