Through the Catapult Program, the Paramount Team works with entrepreneurs to create and grow their business. In addition to assisting start-up businesses, we also help existing businesses that are either struggling or looking to grow. Our business incubator program was designed to help entrepreneurs in a one-on-one setting which allows the program to run at the pace set by the participant, and a level that is adapted to best suit the client.

Here is what the Catapult Program includes:

  • Educational Opportunities. Seminars and workshops on important topics for business owners. (2 Classes a Month)

  • Technical Assistance. Whether you need assistance with Business Plan creation, developing a Marketing Plan, or a Social Media Strategy Plan for your business, Paramount Co-Op is here to help. Every business is different. We take the time to learn the goals of our clients, what challenges our clients are facing, and devise a plan to help them achieve success.

  • Connections. We spend time building relationships! Paramount Co-Op has connections with lenders, banks, financial advisers, accountants, lawyers, printers, graphic designers and many other professionals willing to assist you in your journey. Why go it alone?

  • Mentoring. Mentoring has proven to be a huge asset for small business owners. 70% of MENTORED businesses survive more than five years - DOUBLE the rate for non-mentored small businesses over that same period. Our one-on-one mentoring program pairs new entrepreneurs with experienced business owners and professionals for ongoing advice and support. (Catapult Members can meet with their mentor twice a month.)

  • Networking Events. Join us once a quarter for a networking event to meet other entrepreneurs and professionals in the community. This is a great opportunity to mingle in a casual environment! (Once a Quarter)

  • A Paramount Pass. Each Catapult Member will get 12 Paramount Passes to use at any Paramount Co-Op location. This offers the flexibility to work where you choose, an opportunity to expand the reach of your business, and a chance to meet Entrepreneurs from other areas.

Upcoming Events: