Main Street Revitalization in Beaver County, PA

Paramount Pursuits partners with community leaders, business owners and residents in Beaver County, Pennsylvania to ensure collaboration as our communities strive to revitalize their downtown areas and local businesses.

We serve as the consultant for the Main Street Program of Beaver County. Our team works with low-to-moderate income communities in Beaver County to revitalize their Main Street commercial corridors. Paramount Pursuits provides assistance in building a strong local revitalization organization in each community, comprised of local businesses, municipal leaders, nonprofit organizations and spirited residents.

Each community organization develops a strategic plan to revitalize their Main Street, and we work with them to provide guidance and resources so they can achieve success. Paramount Pursuits role includes hosting seminars and workshops, attending monthly meetings, assistance in developing a strategic plan and capacity building within the revitalization organization.

Paramount Pursuits’ business incubation program complements the Main Street efforts. Our goal as a business incubator is to produce strong, stable small businesses that directly enrich revitalization efforts.

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