Marcos Digliodo

Marcos joins Trish in her day-to-day efforts within Paramount Pursuits. He shares her passion for working with entrepreneurs and serves as a mentor to local business owners. Marcos works with each client to develop a strategic plan to create and grow their business. He does this by applying his own personal experience as a business owner.

In 2010, Marcos and Trish started a wine distributorship in South Carolina. The goal was to introduce high-quality wines from small, family-owned vineyards around the world to restaurants, country clubs and retail outlets throughout the state of South Carolina. Under Marcos’ leadership, annual revenue grew from zero to over $600,000 in just four years. Building relationships with clients and their staff was key to growing this company.

Helping communities revitalize their Main Streets and businesses is Marcos’ specialty. As the Municipality Liaison for the Beaver County Main Street Revitalization Contract, he works with community leaders, business owners and residents in Beaver County, Pennsylvania to ensure collaboration as these communities strive to revitalize their downtown areas and local businesses.

Between 2014 - 2016, Marcos spearheaded and managed the purchase of nine vacant and/or underused properties in Beaver County on behalf of Paramount Enterprises. He continues to serve as a project manager for the renovation projects and is always seeking investment opportunities for the company.

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