Trish Digliodo

Trish is the Co-Founder and President of Paramount Pursuits, a small business incubator program and coworking space in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

For 25 years, Trish worked in project management, sales, marketing and/or customer relations. Her expertise in these fields has helped many clients open businesses, expand existing businesses and grow their web presence. Her clients range from local restaurants to international companies.

Upon returning to Pennsylvania in 2014, Trish’s passion for helping entrepreneurs spurred her to launch the locally based business incubator. Trish wanted to grow her program beyond its local reach, so she founded Paramount Pursuits to expand her entrepreneurial impact from local to international.

Trish assists small business owners by helping them develop a strategic plan to create and grow their business. Her support includes creating business plans and marketing plans, assisting in the MBE/WBE certification process if needed and providing mentoring throughout each client’s business journey.

Trish also serves as the Project Manager for the Beaver County Main Street Revitalization Contract secured by Paramount Enterprises. In this role, Trish assists each community in developing a revitalization organization comprised of local businesses, municipal leaders, nonprofits and spirited residents. Trish and her husband Marcos work with each organization to develop a strategic action plan to revitalize their Main Street, and then works side-by-side with the organization to provide them support, guidance, and resources to achieve success.

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