What is Paramount Pursuits?

    Paramount Pursuits is an economic development consulting firm that focuses on business incubation and Main Street revitalization. We work with entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses which directly contributes to the economic growth of their local communities. We strive to ensure inclusivity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Pittsburgh Region and work diligently to break down barriers to entrepreneurship.

    How can Paramount Pursuits help me start my business?

    Being a new entrepreneur can be overwhelming. Paramount Pursuits can help with everything from developing a business plan, legal questions, marketing strategy, sales techniques, banking … you name it. We work with an extended network of professionals who can address any question you have about starting a business.

    Can Paramount Pursuits help me if I have an established business?

    Of course! Sometimes, business owners can feel frustrated and stuck. Maybe you’ve been in business for a while, but you aren’t sure how to keep growing. Looking for ways to increase revenue? Expand your team? Launch a new product or service?

    Our team of advisors has got you covered! We offer one-on-one business consulting services so you get help with exactly what you need.

    I don’t have much money to spend on my business. Can you still help me?

    It's our goal to help every entrepreneur who comes to us. We do offer programs in some areas that are funded by grant money. Read about our community programs and contact us to see if you qualify.

    I work out of my home and sometimes it’s a challenge. Do you have a solution for that?

    We have many workspace solutions here at Paramount Pursuits! You can choose from occasional visits to having a dedicated office space that’s all yours! As an added bonus, you get to brainstorm with fellow entrepreneurs, enjoy our killer coffee, and share your lunch with Hamilton Digliodo, our Security Specialist (he’s a Maltese, by the way).